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Titan dioxide R1930

Product code : r1930

More information:
  • Xuất xứ
  • Xuất xứ : China
  • Cân nặng
  • Weight : 25kgs

    About Titanium dioxide
    In anatase crystalline Titanium Ti-Ti distances shorter, Ti-O distance longer than Rutile
    Anatase is not affected by high temperatures 915oC Rutile assists
    Only anatase form demonstrates the most active in the presence of sunlight. It is due to the difference in the energy band structure of anatase than Rutile lead to some special properties of anatase.
    Anatase is capable of simultaneously receiving oxygen and water vapor from the air with ultraviolet light helps decompose organic compounds.
    Application and development of titanium dioxide
    Titanium is used to make white pigment in paints, plastics and paper, as filler function, battery and titanium chemicals.
    From cleaning materials
    Dealing with contaminated water.
    Handling of air pollution.
    Kill bacteria, viruses, cancer cells.
    Making fuel cells
    UV absorption -> material UV.
    Paint: TiO2 have high corrosion resistance should be used to manufacture coatings for bridges, buildings and equipment against corrosion of atmosphere. TiO2 has no wetting properties, chemical durability and high thermal stability should be used to paint the shell ships or aircraft shell, the heat-resistant hose, soaking domestic appliances such as fishing gear, submarines, ... Films TiO2 coatings are durable mechanics should be used for primer coating in addition to the high-pressure equipment. And specially batching use some other things to make stealth aircraft, spacecraft shell
    Paper industry: it should produce premium paper with nature: necessary opacity, smooth, soft and thin paper, additives for paper to achieve smooth and evenly, does not react with the acid itself Chlor due and chemical substances in the paper, etc. people choose TiO2 as filler. In addition, TiO2 is used in the production of colored paper, photographic paper, carbon paper ...
    Industry Fabric, leather: TiO2 with color fastness should also require more titanium compounds in the form of potassium fluoride and dual titanium, titanium chloride, etc. oxalattitan When printing color on canvas, TiO2 pigments are used to give the product much more durable as: stand under the effect of light, water, acid or alkaline environment. TiO2 pigments are used to dye processed in the chemical fiber manufacturing industry chemical fiber, leather industry. TiO2 to its thermal stability and high chemical durability should be used in the textile industry for the manufacture of fiber insulation, tarpaulin, plastic canvas, synthetic fiber.
    Industry manufacture electronic components: TiO2 is also used to manufacture semiconductors with good quality parts for electric current rectifiers and electronic bulbs. Barium titanate compounds (BaTiO2) used to produce parts or adjustable frequency tuning amperage. With other compounds, also used to make capacitors for television machine. Using electrodes of semiconductor TiO2 significantly increases the efficiency of solar cells, TiO2 absorbs only UV light absorption without seeing etc.
    Nylon industry, plastics, synthetic rubber: TiO2 turbidity and high dispersion techniques used in the manufacture of plastics, synthetic resins, rubber technology and the technology of paper. TiO2 is widely used in manufacturing automobile tires and bike. Shining're using TiO2 as fillers for rubber with a ratio of 10 to 15%. TiO2 is also used to manufacture rubber canvas. Rubber Types var rubber membrane, rubber rollers goods, recycled rubber, rubber chemicals chlorine, etc. Are using TiO2 as a filler. In the plastics industry TiO2 is used as a pigment, opaque substances, stabilizers of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.
    Industry, ceramic, glass: TiO2 with thermal and chemical stability turbidity, high dispersion should be used in batches, for enamel, ceramic coated glass and metal, oil paints, paint decoration and hydro vesni sex, color glass and fiberglass. People have used TiO2 alter some glass colors, such as for TiO2 in batches, then:
    Manganese colorless glass turns yellow
    Ce2O3 yellow glass turned into red.
    The glass contains FeO from blue turns golden brown.
    Ink manufacturing industry: durable and waterproof thanks TiO2 oil should also be used to produce high-grade ink.

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