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Titan dioxide A101

Product code : a101

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  • Xuất xứ
  • Xuất xứ : Korea
  • Cân nặng
  • Weight : 25kgs

    About Titanium dioxide
    In anatase crystalline Titanium Ti-Ti distances shorter, Ti-O distance longer than Rutile
    Anatase is not affected by high temperatures 915oC Rutile assists
    Only anatase form demonstrates the most active in the presence of sunlight. It is due to the difference in the energy band structure of anatase than Rutile lead to some special properties of anatase.
    Anatase is capable of simultaneously receiving oxygen and water vapor from the air with ultraviolet light helps decompose organic compounds.

    Application and development of titanium dioxide
    Titanium is used to make white pigment in paints, plastics and paper, as filler function, battery and titanium chemicals.
    - Material from clean
    - Dealing with contaminated water.
    - Handling of air pollution.
    - Killing bacteria, viruses, cancer cells.
    - Making fuel cells
    -    Semiconductors.
    - Absorb ultraviolet -> material UV.

    Paint: TiO2 have high corrosion resistance should survive a use for manufacturing of paints for bridges, buildings and equipment against corrosion of atmosphere. TiO2 ¬uot taking impermeable, chemical durability and high thermal stability should survive a shell used to paint the ships or aircraft shell, the heat-resistant hose, soaking domestic appliances such as ngu¬ tools, ships Underground ... TiO2 coating with mechanical stability should survive a primer used in the outer coating of high-pressure equipment. And specially batching use some other things to make stealth aircraft, spacecraft shell
    Paper industry: it should produce premium paper with nature: necessary opacity, smooth, soft and thin paper, additives for paper to achieve smooth and evenly, does not react with the acid itself Chlor due and chemical substances in the paper, etc. ngu¬oi we choose TiO2 as filler. In addition, TiO2 survive a use in the production of colored paper, photographic paper, carbon paper ...
    Industry Fabric, leather: TiO2 with color fastness should also require more titanium compounds in the form of potassium fluoride and dual titanium, titanium chloride, etc. oxalattitan When printing color on canvas, pigment TiO2 survive a lot to use for more durable products walls such as: stand du¬oi effects of light, water, acid or alkaline environment tru¬ong. D¬uoc TiO2 pigments to dye processed in the chemical fiber manufacturing industry chemical fiber, leather industry. TiO2 to its thermal stability and high chemical durability to survive a use in the textile industry for the manufacture of fiber insulation, tarpaulin, plastic canvas, synthetic fiber.
    Industry manufacture electronic components: TiO2 is also used to manufacture semiconductors with good quality parts for electric current rectifiers and electronic bulbs. Barium titanate compounds (BaTiO2) used to produce parts or adjustable frequency tuning amperage. With other compounds, also used to make capacitors for television machine. Using electrodes of semiconductor TiO2 significantly increases the efficiency of solar cells, TiO2 absorbs only UV light absorption without seeing etc.
    Nylon industry, plastics, synthetic rubber: TiO2 turbidity and high dispersion techniques used in the manufacture of plastics, synthetic resins, rubber technology and the technology of paper. TiO2 is widely used in manufacturing automobile tires and bike. Ng¬oi TiO2 we use as a filler for rubber with a ratio of 10 to 15%. TiO2 d¬uoc also used to make rubber canvas. The different types of rubber nh¬ rubber membrane, rubber l¬u goods, recycled rubber, rubber chemicals chlorine, etc. Are using TiO2 as a filler. In the plastics industry survive a TiO2 pigment used, opaque substances, stabilizers of polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC.
    Industry, ceramic, glass: TiO2 with thermal and chemical stability turbidity, high dispersion should survive a coordinated use of materials for enamels, glass and enamel coated metal, oil paints, decorative paints and vesni opaque glass, colored glass and fiberglass. People have used TiO2 changed color some glass, walls such as when the TiO2 in batches, then:
    Manganese colorless glass turns yellow
    Ce2O3 yellow glass transformed into red
    The glass contains FeO from blue turns golden brown.
    Ink manufacturing industry: durable and waterproof thanks to oil d¬uoc TiO2 also used to produce premium ink.
    Medical and pharmaceutical industry: pay attention to the use of titanium compounds to treat skin diseases. D¬uoc titanium dioxide used in combination with compounds such as zinc oxide anti spectrum, meroxyl, ..... to protect against UVB rays, one of the agents tan wrinkled skin and has the ability to turn into disease thu¬ long cancer and UVA (ultraviolet A), cause skin aging and the formation of the traces. TiO2 is also used in toothpaste. Recently people using thin film based on glass coated with TiO2 to two quite special nature, this membrane is capable of absorbing ultraviolet rays and generate ¬uot surface permeability, making them water rolling on the surface. applied in cleaning technology: oxidation of toxic organic molecules with initiator is titanium dioxide.
    Cosmetics industry: TiO2 have high fineness, good coverage, not subjected to chemical, oil absorbent so indispensable in the cosmetics industry. All kinds of hand lotions, skin creams senior du¬ong TiO2 must have to protect the skin from damage by the environment tr¬ong and sweat.
    Metallurgical industry: TiO2 have high corrosion resistance, chemical durability, mechanical strength, and high heat resistance, low thermal expansion, the light should be used as material for metallurgical coordinate high alloy types of properties material: lightweight, durable chemical and heat resistance, abrasion resistance, high hardness offensive stats retains plasticity (against fracture).
     Military industry: TiO2 have high corrosion resistance, chemical durability, mechanical strength, and high heat resistance, low thermal expansion, the light should d¬uoc used to manufacture critical parts of weapons and other military equipment. Bulletproof vests are manufactured using high-grade TiO2 fibers should be very light and difficult to penetrate bullet. Special mortar tube, barrel-sized casing stealth aircraft, high-speed aircraft shells, shells spacecraft, rocket launcher tube etc .. are using TiO2 or its alloys.
    Environmental Protection tr¬uong: The Japanese scientists at the Institute of Natural Resources and Environment using TiO2 mixed with activated carbon to form a mixture capable of absorbing NOx and SOx compounds contained in exhaust gas . TiO2 has a good pale lips tr¬uong with gas so the oxygen sensor is used walls such as. Cyanobacteria algae produces a toxin called microcystin d¬oc, these substances cause tumors in the human body ngu¬¬oi and sometimes causing death while accumulating more toxins. Currently, the treatment ph¬uong thu¬ong nu¬¬oc information has no effect on microcystin. Used walls such as titanium dioxide catalyst works well for microcystin toxins degrade. Mechanism of action of phu¬¬ong It can also be used to decompose organic substances nhu¬¬ plant protection drugs pestiside or organic substances polluting tr¬uong. Scientists have used reactive oxidative photocatalysis to break and degrade toxic organic substances, heavy metals from waste water, waste gas treatment, TiO2 plays an important role in the reaction of oxygen Optical goods.
    Fuel fabrication: TiO2 in the future will be the basic chemicals to produce hydrogen from water fuels and sunlight. According to Professor Nowotny will be ¬uoc dream of many people worldwide.
    Other Sectors: The Titan survive a salt used to produce the electrode arc likely glowing strong, whereas less emit ultraviolet rays. Titan Mg compound used in catalytic synthesis NH3. To produce refractory materials, conductive TiO2 attitude has been used as raw materials. TiO2 is also used to produce glass, laboratory instruments instead of boron compounds with not more than 13% components.

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