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Pe Wax

Product code : pe-wax

Liên hệ
More information:
  • Xuất xứ
  • Xuất xứ : Korea
  • Cân nặng
  • Weight : 25kgs

    1. Processing PVC: PE Wax used as a lubricant for hard and flexible PVC. It prevents the adhesion of molten PVC to metal surfaces of machining, increases gloss, glossy, water resistance of the surface makes it easier processing plastics, especially the injection products PVC pipe shaped and pressed.
    2. Masterbatches: PE Wax is effective color dispersions, themselves easily dispersed by the melt viscosity is relatively low. They are used to scatter in mixed color masterbatch for coloring PE, PP, PVC and polystyrene. We also distributed quickly and uniformly colored without adversely affecting the mechanical properties of plastics.
    3. Oil polish: PE Wax form smooth paste forms retain solidification at high temperature without separating the solvent, is used as floor polish, shoes, cars, jewelry Decor ...

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