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Farafin wax

Product code : farafin


     paraffin wax application:
    - Paraffin wax is used in the manufacture of candles, scented candles, candle art.
    - Paraffin Wax Making lubricant for plastic and rubber production easy to mold.
    - Paraffin wax is used in the production of laminated wood, forming a covering of waterproof material for MDF
    - Create paraffin wax coating of wax paper or fabric.
    - Composition made of wax pencils
    - Create templates in research in the fields of histology.
    - Quality solid push for hybrid rockets.
    - Attach the average poker, bottles.
    - Paraffin wax is also used for medical applications in cosmetics
    - Used for surfboards as a component of waxes for surfboards.

    - Essential components of sliding wax, used in skiing and snowboard.

    - The role of food additives, substances with the E gloss with paraffin E905 is the food.
    - Applications in the production of perfume.
    - Quality soak for flammable wooden matches.

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